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    Managing Server interactor license key


      My company has 10 server interactor licenses. I have couple of questions around managing the server interactor license key.

      1. 1) I have given access to 10 users in Tableau server and added their name against server interactor license in Tableau.com portal to manage the key. Now I want to remove the access of 2 of the users and need to assign the interactor access to 2 more users. I am able to do the same in Tableau server by keeping 2 user unlicensed. But how can I edit or delete those users in tableau.com portal to manage the server interactor license key.
      2. 2) If I have server interactor license key, In Tableau server, can I still assign Viewer, interactor, Site / server Admin / publisher access or it can only be Interactor access because the license key says server interactor in tableau.com portal.