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    Download as PDF from Viz times out

    Moshe Gottlieb

      Having a problem on a fairly complex visualization when trying to download the PDF.

      We have multiple dashboards published for a client and we embed these visualizations into our portal.

      From there we allow the user to also Download as PDF directly from the viz. When we do this it works perfectly fine.

      However when our client tries this the request to the Tableau server ALWAYS times out after about 4 minutes.


      We assume it has something to do with their slightly slower network however given that the processing is all happening on the tableau server we cannot understand why the same request triggered by us would return from the server in under a minute and theirs would timeout after 4 minutes.


      Can anyone explain that and more importantly is there some kind of setting we can change to extend the timeout? ie is this a tableu javascript api request timeout or just a standard browser timeout? Anyway to recover from the timeout by triggering to fetch the generated pdf?


      In the attached image you can see the specific request I am talking about which is timing out for our client (in the screenshot it didnt time out as I initiated it)


      Also wanted to mention that the same error occurs for our client when they run the download as pdf directly from the viz in Tableau server - as opposed to doing it on the viz embedded in our site.

      Any help would be appreciated.