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    TC session scheduling improvements on web site

    Toby Erkson

      I'm looking at building my schedule for the Tableau Conference and am finding some frustration with the Schedule section of the web site (https://tcschedule.tableau.com/sessions).


      Issue 1 - When clicking on a session you are taken to a new page and when you go Back you are taken back to the top of the Schedule listing instead of where you were   This means if you have to remember where you were and scroll down to that location in order to continue on.

      Solution - Simply have the session expand so the description is displayed.  The user can have the option to collapse the description if desired.  Personally, I like the ability to have multiple items expanded.



      Issue 2 - It appears that the FILTER uses Boolean AND logic instead of OR logic.  This method excludes too much content.

      Solution - Use OR logic.  Optionally, allow the user to select either OR or AND for the filtering.


      Issue 3 - When scheduling sessions I need to see what my current schedule is but to do that I need to open another tab...which I can't quickly do.

      Solution - List my scheduled sessions on the side of the screen as I add them and/or at least allow me to open a new tab or window by right-clicking on the "MY AGENDA" link.

      Right-clicking doesn't give me browser options

      But it is allowed in the top links




      Issue 4 - I've got some sessions I want but I see I have some gaps in my day that I'd like to fill but I don't know what's available for me during these dates AND times.

      Solution - Allow filtering by date, by time, or date & time.


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          Toby Erkson

          Issue 5 - I have a private meet-up I'm going to attend but I can only place it in my business calendar, not in "My Agenda" in the Tableau Conf. app .  In order to see my agenda I will have to VPN into work to get my work calendar, making the TC app. kinda meaningless as I might as well put everything into my calendar.

          Solution - Allow empty placeholders that can be added to "My Agenda" that allow us to add custom entries.  Allow a date and a time range, along with a note section, so it will 'flow' with the TC app and appear in the correct chronological order.


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            Dan Rullo


            I agree with you completely.  I did not make this schedule builder last year because I had hoped they had fixed some of these issues.  Apparently not.. so here we go again.


            This should at least help with issues 1-4.  I did not think about issue 5

            This year I managed to hook this up to the live web data connector so that you can refresh and get new sessions.  Only caveat is that they have not been keeping the data source up to date with room location information.  When I refresh I lose that info..   so I had been waiting until they got that sorted to post this...


            You can still build your schedule as they are added by session ID.  I assume by the last day they will have the room info available.  Just download the book and refresh whenever you like.


            Workbook: TC17 Interactive Schedule

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              Toby Erkson

              Great work Dan!  Tableau still needs to make improvements on their app but this can help others build their schedule

              One suggestion:  Red text on cyan is difficult to read   I'd recommend using a different color.

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                Jeff Strauss

                I ran into the same situation of the filter "AND" vs. "OR".  In any case, it was a big improvement that I could star it on my computer and then have the phone sync.  Did it always do this?