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    Urgent Help Needed with Top N within a category field based on search with another category field

    suchit kulkarni

      Hi All ,


      I want to create a VIZ which has N (in this example say top 2)  Employer based on Avg Salary based on the Job title search .


      My ViZ data is huge and can't add Tbwx adding sample for reference.


      I have Employer(120 odd different employer)  as X axis , Avg Salary on Y axis and search box as parameter which could be typed with Job title .The resultant Viz should have top 2 companies paying for that Job title.

      Would appreciate if you can help .



      EmployerTob titleAvg Salary
      GoogleProgram Analyst90K
      GoogleQaulity Analyst80K
      Googlelead Analyst100K
      GoogleManager Analyst120K
      MicroSoftProgram Analyst95K
      MicroSoftQaulity Analyst79K
      MicroSoftlead Analyst100K
      MicroSoftManager Analyst122K
      AmazonProgram Analyst85K
      AmazonQaulity Analyst81K
      Amazonlead Analyst110K
      AmazonManager Analyst120K