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    % of a previous column

    Jessica Sanderford

      So I am sure this is a total rookie problem, but I've done some research, reviewed my manuals, and am still struggling to figure out how to do a % of the previous column.  Below is an example of what I'm trying to accomplish, in a very simplified example.  The fields in gray show the data I want shown in my worksheet; however, I currently have the fields in white. 



      PopulationTotal PresentTotal in SuitsValueTotal in Suits with black shoesValue

      Basically, I want column 2 to show the % of total suits out of the total present.  And I want column 3 to show the % of total black shoes out of the % of total suits out of the total present (because you can't wear black shoes unless you're wearing a suit and a part of the total - so column 3 is dependent on column 2).  I hope that makes sense. 


      Again, I'm sure this is a total rookie oversight, but I'm stuck!  Any help you can provide is GREATLY appreciated!


      Thank you!