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    get the value in a dimension based on another parameter's value

    Mira Young

      I'm facing a problem where I have to fetch the [stock_number_1]'s value based on [Account_name], where we use a parameter to choose one [account_name],


      I was tring to use the following expression:

      { FIXED: IF [account_name] = [subject_manager] THEN [stock_number_1] END }


      [account_name]: string, dimension

      [stock_number_1]: string, dimension

      [subject_manager]: string, parameter


      But, I have to use aggregation function in LOD expressions. Since [stock_number_1] is a string, it seems I cannot use this method.


      Do you have any idea that might allow me to get [stock_number_1] based on a chosen [Account_name]?


      Thank you!!!!