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    How to build a dimension from the aggregation of dynamic fields?

    Christophe HOFFMANN



      I try to build a bar chart that would show totalized sales done with all customers with same Margin % through different years.



      Customer A : 30% / 4000 USD

      Customer B : 32% / 2000 USD

      Customer C : 30% / 1000 USD


      So What would be expected here is two bars : one at 30% Margin with a bar totalling 5000$ and a second bar at 32% with only 2000 USD.


      The issue I have is that the Margin is a calculated field and should be flexible depending on the filter I apply (ex: for Quarter 1 only vs full year)


      I managed to build  the bar chart but only by adding as details the Customer Names. My Bars are therefore an aggregation of customers.... But what I would like to see is one single bar with the total Sales done with all customers having the same margin...


      Thanks a lot to anyone that could help me on this!