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    Tableau Custom Designs - How To

    Chris Kimberley

      When looking at some of the Tableau dashboard designs it seems there are some fairly complex customizations people are able to do.  Can I please get some insight as to how they are doing this?  Does Tableau integrate html and/or css?


      Please see the following Dashboard as an example.  It's highly customized with multiple images imported and a customized colour scheme.  The placement of the different widgets is very complex.  Any insight into how this is possible would be great.


      Stolen Bikes in the UK | Tableau Public




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          Neil Lord

          Hi Chris,


          Everything you see on the viz is all standard Tableau stuff, there is no custom coding here!


          It looks to me that creator has used a floating dashboard layout and has imported some images (probably sourced from the web).


          If you want to know more about how they built it, why don't you download it and see if you can figure it all out.