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    Guidance with creating map view of Top/Bottom N.




      I'm looking for ideal way to create a map view that has build in top/bottom parameter.  I'm making extensive use of parameters in this view and the map itself colors based on a parameter that calls different calculations.


      • The top/bottom should be based on Parameter 'KPI Switch'
      • It should be based on Highest/Lowest percentage of the KPI output.
      • It's important that 'Vendor Manager Calc' is applied to the ranking of' KPI Switch' to develop the rank of each MSA based on the KPI results
      • I have added 'Vendor Manager Calc' to context.


      I have a similar set up working fine within a chart where its doing a table calc to rank each MSA top to bottom, but cannot figure out the best strategy when using a map.


      I'm unable to provide a workbook, so even just suggestions for methods to complete this would be helpful.