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    Disable Search option and showing notification


      Hi Tableau folks,


      I am facing a difficulty and need your help. I have a dashboard with too many quick filters. Some of the filter show "Enter serach text" option.


      And some filters do not.

      To make the format consistent and I want to hide/show this option in all the filters. Any idea how to do this?


      Moreover, If I select no value from filter, it should display a message "Please select a value from a filter".

      For example I deselect all the values from Ship mode, my view is blank.

      So, It should display "Please select a value from Ship mode".


      Is this possible in Tableau?


      Hoping to get some help.


      Thanks in advance.

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          haitham Farouk

          Hi tushar,


          I think this level of customization is done by only by Tableau (Ex. deciding to allow entering text depend on the number of items in the list it can not be customized by the user, also display a message to till the user to select item inside the filter) ... although, Here is an idea that you can use it with simple filter using a parameter field and apply filter on it, and use its value in worksheet title or to guide the user to enter or select values ...




          You can find the sample workbook at the below link:


          Tableau Public



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          Best Regards