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    Show/Hide Column based on quick filters selection dynamically.

    Vasu choudhury

      Hello -


      Is there a way to switch columns based on user selection filters:

      Ex: I have some set of filters & bar charts in Summary Dashboard.

      By default, i need to show the columns(limited) in Detail dash(Details sheet)

      When user selects any quick filters(Sub-Category) then Sub-Category should be added to the detail sheet(as shown in Expected Dash & Sheet 8). Similarly this has to be applicable for all quick filters & Action Filters based on selection.


      Is it achievable? If yes, please let me know the work around.


      What we are trying to do here is..

      We have many quick filters(more values in each filter) & Action filters on the dashboard. Based on actions & filters they get some count(top right) and want to know who are these customers?

      As they have many filter values and can't remember all filters selected, they want to know what filters has been applied to take them to these details. They play with it when they export to excel,


      As we know there is a limitation to display to display for more than 3/4 values i.e. ABC, BFM, KJA, and more.


      Is there any better approach to handle these scenarios?