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    Distance filter not working - Help please


      Hi all, I've created a workbook that shows a map of the UK and created a distance filter using a guide I found on this forum but I cannot get it to work correctly so I need a little assistance please.


      I have a list of around 12,000 premises in the worksheet "All Premises" and a list of company managers in the worksheet "CM Locations". What I am trying to do with the filters is if I select a manager from the drop down list in the displayed filter then all those premises within the selected distance filter setting appear on the map. At the moment if I change the distance filter the number of points increase. That's fine but if I change the manager location then the points don't move to the new manager's location. They stay in the same place centred around London.


      I'm sure this is a simple fix but I haven't been able to find a solution.


      Can anyone help please? I've attached the packaged workbook.


      Thanks in advance.

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