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    Extract refresh not working?

    Michael Leeming

      (Sorry for repost. On first try it didn't land in Extracts-Forum)


      Hi there,


      long story short: my daily extract refresh doesn't work as I expect.


      As you can see in the image I have set up a daily refresh at 3:00 am. The field "Next refresh" (Nächste Aktualisierung) correctly predicts tomorrow 3:00 am but the "Last refresh" (Letzte Aktualisierung) was never and it is now running for about a week. Am I missing something?

      By the way, I tried to manually do a refresh (on "three dots" in the field "Refresh type" (Aktualisierungstyp)). It said that the refresh is on the queue and starts when the resources are available or sth like that. But didn't until now. Might if have to do with that? Now I have manually republished my workbook - not quite my prefered solution.


      Thanks for any help.




      Daily refresh.png