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    Display 5-year high value/5-year low

    Eric Yap

      Hello! This seems like a very basic question but i am having difficulty adding this function to my report.


      I generate a report of current economic trends on a weekly basis and I am intending to add on a simple table returning for example:


      1) 5-year high value and date of occurrence

      2) 5-year low value and date of occurrence

      3) All time high and date of occurrence

      4) All time low and date of occurrence.


      I am probably looking at a 4x3 simple table that will return the values as i update them on a weekly basis.


      Any experts can point me to the right formula? I am looking at the "IF sum(Sales) = window_max(sum(sales)) then max(order_Date)" function but am having difficulty putting it into use.


      Thanks in advance!