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    Getting Can't blend secondary data source error while trying to add all subtotals.

    Agnivesh Das

      Hi All,


      My worksheet contains two dimensions, Market and Sites on the rows shelf. Conditional formatting placeholders(0.0) are there on the columns and SUM( Transactions) on the text button in the Marks card.I  am trying to show the number of transactions that has happened for each site under a market. Now when I drag and drop the transaction data, everything works just fine, but if I try to use the "Add all Subtotals" option to get the AVG Transactions value for each Market then I am getting the dreaded "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation" on my worksheet when I change the "Total all using" option from SUM to AVG. The weird thing is I do not even have a secondary data source in my workbook.


      As a result of which i am a little puzzled as to why it would causing the error in the first place and am requesting the community's assistance in resolving this issue.