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    Dashboard Ideas

    Scott Carman



      I am building a dashboard for my company and the subject is wireless inventory and costs.


      So first of all the hierarchy of the company is like this:

      • level 1 - Org A, Org B, Org C
      • level 2 - Org A1, Org B1, Org C1
      • level 3 - Org A1A, Org B1A, Org C1A
      • Level 4 - Org A1Ab, Org B1Ab, Org C1Ab


      My inventory view looks like this:


      Devices are broken down by type and by count.  Each row is one org.


      The cost view looks like this:


      This is one orgs cost over time.  The orange line is another metric and not important to this conversation.


      For each org within the company there are two tabs - inventory dashboard, cost dashboard.


      To interact with a dashboard - my view starts at the top of the view with level 1.  You click on the org name and then level 2 shows up.  Click again you get level 3 data.  Essentially this is a waterfall effect.


      I don't know how to make this more compact (ideally one tab) and keep the ability for one org to compare itself to another as some competition is not inherently bad.


      I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I might be able to make this a bit better.  I thought out parameter but I wonder if that would take away the ability to compare but the lower you get in the company the more orgs show up and then the charts become just too overlapping or too small.





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          Joe Oppelt

          Maybe sheet swapping would let you keep this on one dashboard.  Parameter would select inventory or cost.  Whichever is selected, the other sheet goes away.


          If you're not familiar with swapping, here is a link to a video:


          We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Fi... |Tableau Community


          What I didn't follow in your description was what the waterfall looks like.  If things are getting too cluttered on the dashboard, let the drill-downs happen on a separate dashboard.  Just give the user an easy way to go back to the original dashboard when they are done.  (Some users are OK with clicking tabs.  I tend to direct them away from that, though.  For instance if you drill from Dashboard-A to Dashboard-B and expect B to be just for the selected org, it's imperative that they get there by the user actions rather than by clicking the tab.  Otherwise Dashboard-B will display with unfiltered data for all orgs.  So to maintain the discipline, I give them an action on Dashboard-B to return to A.)

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            Scott Carman



            Thanks for your response my own research and your response have validated that "switching" out pages using a parameter control is going to be the best solution for my situation. I appreciate the informative video on how to do this.


            Thanks again for your input,