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    Row Total at the end of Bar Chart

    Scott Carman

      Afternoon all,


      I have a question for you all.  Please forgive me as I am new.  If this question has been asked and answered, please point me in the right direction.


      Here is the situation - I am building an Access database to manage the inventory and costs for my business's wireless products (cell phones, iPhones, tablets, etc.)


      Question - How do I add a total to the end of my bar chart?


      Here is a screen shot of my current view which shows the devices broken down by type and count.  Each line is an organization.



      Cell phones are blue, iPhone is orange, green is tablet, etc.


      In this view, I pulled the device type to color and also placed a count of type of devices to the columns which is a continuous data type.  I have heard/read that you cannot add a total row to the end of the bar chart with this type of chart.  I have tried a few other ideas without success so far.  I tried a dual axis chart - no good.  I tried to add a count of a device Id ( which is a unique identification for the device) but all I got were the letters abc next to the row.  The hover text did return the value that I was looking for.


      I have been trying to figure this out by using some sort of calculated field but have yet to be successful with this idea.  In fact if you have any good resources for calculated fields/parameters, I would be grateful for your help!


      I am sorry but I cannot include a workbook because of privacy issues, sorry!


      Thank you,