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    Data Extraction with Text,CSV Files - Error

    Saikrishna Mamidi

      Hi Team,


      I surprise when I encounter the following error.


      I am trying to create a Simple Tableau View using a CSV File,  It is showing fine when I use Live Connection.  But when I change it to Extract, and publish to Tableau Server, The extraction keeps failing all the times that I run the extract either by schedule/ ad-hoc with the error message as below.  I have tried both ways of Selecting file (UNC Path and <Drive Letter>:\File1.csv).   I have tried to publish the Data source alone also,  Same error..!   The file is located in Same Tableau Server, I have shared the folder to Everyone with Read/Write Permissions


      Error Message "com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.DataSourceException: Invalid database name value"


      I did not use any DB connection for my WorkSheet,  It is straight forward showing up data from CSV file to Tableau.


      Pl let me know if anyone can help me to resolve this. Thank you..