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    How to best arrange this data

    Derek Thomas



      I am working on this tool, and attached is the data I've been using.


      The "tall" tab is how I initially uploaded it, but as you can see in the screen shot below, there are only two measures, FY 2017 and FY 2018.


      How can I arrange the data so that measures are labeled the way that they are in column H of the attached spreadsheet (the colors correspond with the labels in column H).


      Another consideration is that I want to be able to easily update the workbook in future years (when new budgets are released).


      Thanks kindly for any assistance with this.

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          Derek Thomas

          Actually, the other thing is that this is only one agency. I would like to add 3 additional agencies so that users could select from different agencies. For example, instead of "DFTA Overview", it would say "agency overview" and so forth.


          Then again, doing so would mean I probably wouldn't be able to customize in the "intro" and "appendix" as they are now.


          Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.