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    10.3.3 Upgrade Issue


      Currently on 10.1 on E:Tableau Server/10.1

      Downloading 10.3.3 upgrade executable


      When i run the Setup is not able to identify that i already have 10.1 and it moves onto a fresh installation


      what am i missing or doing wrong?

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Jyoti


          I notice you reference your current install is on the E:/ directory.  Are you sure you've indicated this is the directory as part of the install?


          From the Server Install Guide Prepare for the Upgrade


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            When i click on the Setup

            First thing it does is asks  Where to Install

            In there i select - E:Tableau Server

            as i remember to not put the version number


            Than a Prompt comes up that tells

            Your Hardware meets the minimum requirement for a Trial

            below are the two screenshots

            Also i dont understand, why I am getting a minimum hard ware requirement note- as I ran 10.1.3 on this for 1 year



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              Donna Coles

              Is that a typo or are you installing to E:/Tableau Server/Tableau Server as if original install is E:/Tableau Server then there's a discrepancy...?


              Can't comment on your hardware spec.  Can you be certain you didn't get this same message when you installed v10.1?  I don't believe there's been a change in the recommended h/w spec since moving to v10.0.



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                So I did it on

                E:Tableau Server


                but it still brought the same prompt

                should i still go ahead and install?, will it migrate my repository from 10.1 folder?

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                  Donna Coles

                  HI Jyoti


                  Is it just the presence of the hardware spec message that makes you think it's doing a fresh install or something else.  I've just recently upgraded our low spec POC server from 10.1.1 to 10.3.1, installing to the default location though.  I also got the same hardware spec warning which I accepted and the 'upgrade' went through fine, migrating all the data over.


                  I'm assuming since the hardware is below spec that this isn't your production environment you're upgrading.


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                    Sanket Kelkar

                    Hi Jyoti,


                    I also faced the same issue and ended up installing a newer one rather than upgrading.


                    Resolution in your case should be -

                    Just browse to "E" drive.....Tableau automatically appends "Tableau Server" to the path browsed by you and creates a <version number> folder in it.


                    So to summarize -

                    Original Location - E:\Tableau Server\10.1

                    Browse to - E

                    Tableau automatically appends  - Tableau Server

                    After successful up gradation - E:\Tableau Server\<version number>


                    This makes sure we don't install a brand new server and just upgrade the existing one.



                    Sanket K