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    Calculation fields and actions do not sync with replacing datasource

    Haiyong Huang

      Hi Experts,


      I created two datasources pointing to our QA database and Production database. The two datasources have same table structures and fields.


      I created Tableau worksheets/dashboards on datasource of QA. Now I tried to replace the datasource with the new datasource of Production.


      It looks fine and the worksheets/dashboards can refresh with data from the new datasource of production. And I changed some calculation fields and actions for worksheets and dashboard.


      Now it looks it keeps two sets of workbooks with datasource of QA and Production, because if I replace back the datasource of QA, the changed calculation fields or actions looks not auto applied with datasource of QA.


      When I first time replaced new datasource, all worksheets will auto apply with new datasource. Why when replaced datasource back to old datasource, the worksheets will not auto apply?


      Or does Tableau like that to keep two sets of workbooks/dashboards with respective datasource? How to sync worksheets/dashboards if it is true?


      Thanks and regards,