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    Help with Calculation field.

    shwetha sarma



      I'm looking for help with a calc.


      I have 2 parameters called, PWV and Factor(PFA Excel sheet).


      I want to come up with a formula for my Sale such that if PWV and Factor combination is so and so and date year is 2017 the sale value should show up.


      I want the sale yearly total to be extracted from the parameter.


      So, I want to say

      ( if PWV = 1.43 and factor = 16.4 and year(date new) = 2017 then give me 235896 ).


      I'm using tableau forecasting and hence I'm unable to calculate the  year end totals using table calc. I also don't have 'Sale' field in my data, hence using 235896  as an int. Please let the sale value be an int and not sum(sales).


      please help.