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    one field depending on other!




      I need help on this,  I have fields such as campaigns,programs, projects and tactics in a hierarchy as shown in the figure. I want to show project status depending upon the tactic status. we can see the tactics status in bars where green is "completed" and blue is "in progress". I want to show that when all the tactics are completed then a project is completed. for example when all the tactic status color  is green. how can i do that. i used this calculated field


      Tactic Status:

      if [TACTIC_STATUS]="COMPLETED" then "Completed" else "In Progress" END



      if {fixed [PROJECT_STATE_CODE]:MAX([Tactic Status])}="Completed" then "Completed" else "In Progress" END


      but if we see in the Table "status" is giving me only "In progress"


      my requirement is "if all the Tactics in a project are completed then project is complete". How can i achieve that?