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    Two parameters in one view applicable for either of the dimension value

    Monika Mardaus

      Hi, I am stuck with the following problem:


      I would like to make use of dynamic parameters for forecasting, the what-if type of analysis. The case is as follows: I monitor periodically the Gender  # calculated as 1. Females # 2. Males # . I would like to make use of 2 parameters in one view, where after populating a number of additional Females using 1st parameter and populating a number of Males using 2nd parameter I would see the changes reflected in the Forecast (in the file: Calculated Measure - CF +HC1 or CF +HC2),


      The error I get with the IF formula based on Gender values is as follows:


      1. The calculation is incorrect for CF +HC1, with the currect Parameters values selected the outcome should be 15 for Females and for 86 Males  (tab Female Male ratio 1)

      2. The formula does not work at all if I aggregate Measure (tab Female Male ratio 2): Error Message I get: Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in IF expressions


      Has anybody had a problem like that and could share a solution? That would be so great!