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    How to hide the Null value from the color legend card

    rishabh kumar



      I am outlining the data which has states and some data corresponding to it. Some states do not have the data while others have it. Below are the steps that I have taken to outline the view.


      1) Created dual axis with Vendor1 details as color and Vendor2 details as shape

      2) The legend shows NULL for states which do not have Vendor 1 or Vendor 2

      3) When I am filtering based on state the NULL value shows in the legend


      So I just want to remove the Null from the legend card and not the corresponding color from the map (which goes if I right click on NULL and select Hide). Could you anyone advise how can I just remove the NULL from the legend card and not the corresponding color(or NULL value) on the map.


      I have attached the screenshot for the reference and the same is present in the public forum below: