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    Relative Date filter odd behavior

    Laura Ludwig

      I have developed a workbook that utilizes the relative date filter option. The workbook is set to pull the last 30 days, and was working fine until this morning. Then this morning (9/19), yesterday (9/18) was not showing up in the viz. When I switch the relative date filter selection to pull the last 31 days, or the last 29 days, 9/18 shows up, and when I switch it back to 30 days, it disappears.


      My source data (Teradata) appears to have data, and I don't have any other filters applied that would negate the record being pulled in.

      This workbook lives on a Tableau Server (not sure which version number, though).

      Due to proprietary information and security, I cannot share screenshots or the workbook itself at the moment.


      Has anyone else experienced this and has a solution? I have an interim solution of switching to last 31 days, but I would like to understand why this is happening, so I can assure my business counterpart that it's not going to be an ongoing problem.


      Thanks in advance!

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          John Sobczak

          Is this to a live data source connected to Teradata or is it an extract?  If live data source maybe try extracting the data and see if it behaves the same way.  There should also be a way to get the actual query sent in the log files which might yield a clue.

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            Laura Ludwig

            The connection is live. When I look at a data extract, I'm seeing data for the date that is not showing up in the visual.


            When I change the relative date to show a longer or shorter time period, eventually I see the most recent date show up in the report. Obviously, this is not what I'm hoping to see. Ideally I want to see the past 30 days.


            Yesterday, I could get the date to show up if I switched to 29 or 31 days. Now I need to go to 33 or 28 days. Is there some sort of caching on Tableau server that would keep the report from showing the most recent date?