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    View Refresh Button Not Working With Extract Data Source

    Manjot Singh

      Hello everyone


      I have published a workbook on Tableau Server and it uses a data source which is an Extract (published on Tableau Server) embedded in the workbook itself. The extract is scheduled to refresh every minute via tabcmd.

      Now, when I use the refresh button, as shown below in the image, on Tableau server to refresh, the data doesn't refresh even though the extract has updated in the last few minutes.


      The updated data is displayed when doing hard refresh on the browser (or F5).


      And I have also noted this behavior occurs only with extracts, if you are using live connection, you always get the latest data. This is important for me because I am using the refreshDataAsync() function of the JavaScript API to refresh the view, but since I am using extracts, the data doesn't refresh.


      Any inputs are welcome.


      Thank you