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    Shoppers Per Hour

    Elie Rahi

      I need to set up a graphic like this. It shows the number of shoppers per hour comparing weekdays with weekends.

      Weekdays vs. Weekends.PNG

      The data is in a longitudinal format like this, where each row denotes a visit;




      The operating hours for each shop are;

      Operating Hours.PNG


      The calculations would be


      Shop A Weekday: COUNTIF(Shop A, Mon-Fri) / SUMPRODUCT(Mon-Fri for Shop A, Number of Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

      Shop A Weekend; COUNTIF(Shop A, Sat-Sun) / SUMPRODUCT(Sat-Sun for Shop A, Number of Sat, Sun) etc.


      Just unsure how to go about doing this in Tableau.