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    Export to csv turns measures into rows

    Cecilia Saldaña

      I built a table displaying two measures as columns (Sales, Cost).

      Measures exist in the underlying data (they are not calculated).


      When I export the table to CSV... I get two lines for each record... Tableau is turning each mesure into a row...


      (same happens if I add 3 or 4 measures, number of records exported to excel multiply 3 or 4 times depending on the number of measures included in my table)


      Original table format in Tableau:

      Jan 2017Automobiles10090
      Feb 2017Motorcycles8075


      What I get when I export:

      DateUnitMeasure NameMeasure Value
      Jan 2017AutomobilesSales100
      Jan 2017AutomobilesCost90
      Feb 2017MotorcyclesSales80
      Feb 2017MotorcyclesCosto75


      Any suggestions on how to fix this?


      Thank you,