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    Javascript API (10.1.6) -     applyRangeFilterAsync is not producing Correct Results

    Chuck Interrante

      Does anyone know if this is a known issue or defect? applyRangeFilterAsync is not applied if the ALL_VALUES option is applied in the NullOption Enum?


      • Filter is not producing Correct Results
        • § Team is passing quantitative filters to a Tableau Chart using the Javascript API “applyRangeFilterAsync” function.
        • § This function is not working when using “ALL_VALUES” in the NullOption Enum
        • § Verified by checking the console.log:
          • Tableau.NullOption is returning the expect values
          • Filter (“applyRangeFilterAsync” function ) is not providing the correct results.
          • Gaurav: If ALL_VALUES is passed then the Filter is not applied at all.
      • Use Case: Allow Users to select any number of Dimensions and Measures as Filters in a Control Panel
        • § There are some Null values in the dataset
        • § When the user selects any values in a quantitative filter, the Null values should be included in the selection.

      A support case has been opened, but no response so far. Curious whether to know if this is a known issue/defect and there is a workaround.


      Any input or guidance would be welcome and appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Hey Chuck Interrante,


          We have replied and close this ticket thanks to the documents you provided us with.

          Here is the recap:

          We have tested the script that has been provided and we do not see any defect. The JS API range filter is working as expected. If you add the filter "Pocket Sales" in Tableau Desktop to the filters shelf, then select Special > All values, there's also no change in the dashboard. 

          The "Pocket Sales" dimension does have 1 null value, but it wouldn't be displayed in the dashboard. The behavior that we see in Tableau Server matches that of Tableau Desktop.

          If you create a simple dashboard with data such as:
          | Id | Name | Age
          | 1 | Vien | 15
          | 2 | Bob |
          | 3 | John | 25

          The NullOption parameter will be more visible (Bob having null Age).

          Please let me know if the above information assists you in the development of your dashboard and if you believe the API should behave in a different way.


          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

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