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    DBlink to access Tableau internal DB

    Manas Chatterjee

      We have postgres as data source which is in different host than where Tableau is installed. We need UNION operator to be used along with data from Tableau internal DB. Hence we tried to access Tableau internal DB using DBlink from Tableau data source. But without success. Please suggest whether it is at all possible to access Tableau internal repository using DBlink.


      To elaborate the scenario, this is to implement user security for Tableau reports. For example there are 7 Tableau users u1, u2, u3, u4 , u5, u6 and u7. There are 4 groups G1,G2,G3,G4. There are 5 departments D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5 . Requirement is such Users from Group G1 can view reports with data relevant to only D1, group G2 can view reports with data relevant to only D2 whereas for both G3 and G4 users can view reports with data relevant to all 5 departments . User u1 belongs to only G1, u2 and u3 belongs to G2, and u4-7 belongs to G3 and G4.


      These multiple mapping information is maintained at different data source. User <--> Group mapping is maintained at Tableau internal DB. Group <--> Department information is maintained in Portal Database . Whereas list of Department information is maintained in Tableau Data source (which is postgres but different from internal repository) . Portal is a custom custom application in which Tableau reports are embedded and there are additional functionalities. But in Portal only those records are maintained where G1 --> D1 and G2-->D2 . Mapping for G3 and G4 are not maintained in portal database. So to maintain mapping for all department and group we have to use dblink to retrieve records from Tableau internal database as well as Portal database and merge all records to prepare final list in Tableau Data source.


      Please suggest how to do this.