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    two dimention and measure bar

    Rajashmita Kar

      Hi Guys,


      Can anyone let me know if attached graph is possible in tableau?Capture.PNG

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          Jim Dehner

          the generic answer is yes - see below - but it is always a good practice to include your data and workbook as a TWBX file - depending on your data structure it could be more difficult than the superstore model below





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            Rajashmita Kar

            But here CATEGORY  and state has hierarchy relation. I have Host Country and Home Country and there are lot of countries all over the world. I want to show side by side bar for displaying population. Let say US Home Country bar and US Host Country  bar together with population, India Host Country and India Home Country bar together with Population like that all the country will have comparison. Is that possible in Tableau.

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              Sravan Yadav

              Hi Rajashmita,



              Can you attach .twbx file with dummy data so that our community members can solve your issue easily..