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    Sum of Count of LOD Combinations


      On Tableau Desktop 10.3, I have a LOD expression field called "UniqOutcomes" to count unique outcomes as {FIXED [ID], [Outcome]: MIN(ID)}. I then add this field to the worksheet and COUNT the ID,Outcome combinations.


      I am now trying to add these total number of combinations to the title of the sheet. The formula for the title reads: Outcomes (N= CNT(UniqOutcomes)). But the actual title then translates to Outcomes (N= 1 to 20).

      instead of Outcomes (N= 31). So basically, instead of giving me the total of the number of unique outcomes i.e. 31, it is giving me a range of 1 to 20, which is the minimum and maximum value of the number of outcomes when sliced with the Outcome Dimension.


      How do I make the title show 31 i.e. sum of the count of the combinations?