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    How to join 9 tables or data blending?


      I'm still doing my project as mentioned before. I've done one part which I think is successful with the help of some nice, smart people here. I run into other problems now. I need to use 9 tables data for this project.


      1. I have 9 tables in the same database: ICA


      Table Names:














      2. Each table should be joined with the reference table: its_store_front_ref by the front_store_id to get the Geo Cd in reference table like the one I already did for one table?


      Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.54.08 AM.png

      3. I want to put those tables in the same workbook. How to join them?

      4. My project should be like that below:

          each part of the view should be one table which is joined with the its_store_front_ref table.



      Please help! Thank you very much!


      Best Regards



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          John Croft

          3 options:


          1) bring in 9 separate data sources (main table joined to reference table). Build a bar chart with summary for each source on 9 separate sheets. Build a dashboard that stacks the sheets 3x3 style. You can probably use an arbitrary date and "apply to all related data sources" so the dashboard components update together.


          2) bring in 9 separate data source and blend on a common data field.  Attempt to build on a single sheet. Sounds like it may get cramped.


          3) Try to union the 9 tables together. Without seeing the data snapshots, I'm not sure if this is a good option. You'll need same number of column (and in same order) for each table. You can explore joining in reference tables post union.

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            Hi John


            Thank you for your idea. Really appreciate your help!


            Your first one and third ideas sound very creative. At present, I'm trying to do your Second one. First, I join one table with he reference table, and I use it as my primary table, the I data blend other tables one by one with the primary table. Yes, it really looks very cramped. I'm very interested in your first and third one. I attached my workbooks by adding some tables data there. Please  help!  Thank you very much!






            P.S I'm trying to find where I can attach my update workbook here by replying to you.?

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              John Croft

              You'll need to be responding from the discussion forum to attach something.