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    Color coding percentage to goal

    Gina Battinich

      Hi.  I'm pretty new to Tableau.  I'm building a dashboard that shows how an office is doing toward meeting a sales goal for a period of time.  If they are less than 90% of goal, I want the bar for that office colored red.  If they are between 90 and 99 percent of their goal then yellow.  if they've met or exceeded goal, then green.  I've created a calculation and placed that on color.  I'm limited my color to just 3 steps as I'm always expecting 3 results.  It works well for sheets where I have data that touches all three percentage buckets, but when I apply this same logic to a higher level of offices, like region or division or company, and there are fewer rows of data that don't touch each percentage bucket at least once, then I am not getting the results I desire.  Not all colors get used and when there aren't 3 colors to pick from the bar is not colored with my desired intent.


      This looks good at the office/branch level:


      But at the company level.  I'm expecting that this bar would be yellow.





      Here is the calculation that I dropped on color.  I'm not sure how to state this so that I will always have 3 results.






      Thanks for any and all help.  I'm using Tableau 10.