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    Active Directory Configuration Question

    Joseph Goyette

      Hey there. We're new to Tableau and are setting up a new system for the first time. We will be utilizing Active Directory for user authentication as well. I've been doing a lot of reading and have found numerous articles in regards to using Tableau with Active Directory. However, I haven't come across an article or note etc. that contains any information that can answer the following...


      Can the windows machine that the Tableau server software runs on top of be in a separate active directory domain (ProductionDomain, for example) from the active directory domain (TableauUserDomain, for example) that the Tableau software is configured to authenticate users against ?


      Another way of asking that question may be: If I choose active directory authentication for my Tableau users does the active directory that the tableau software machine belongs to have to also be the active directory domain that the Tableau users are authenticated against ?


      We have a Windows virtual machine that is joined to an active directory domain. Let's call it ProductionDomain. The Windows server is in this windows domain for ease of administration, compliance, etc. etc. We'd prefer to have the Tableau users in a different active directory if possible.


      Thanks for any assistance/guidance you can provide