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    Synchronize the legend of the color marks with the filters.

    Patricia Martín

      Hi everybody,


      Im going to replicate my question to the example dataset: "sample - superstore.xlsx". Im working with Tableau 10.3.2.



      Im plotting the sum of quantity per order date with an area chart structure. "Segment" I added it to colors (marks) and filters; so I have the legend that describes by color each of the segment, and the box to filter. Attached is a screenshot of how it would look.


      My problem is: I would like to stay with only the legend box (the one that has the colors), so that it is filter and legend at the same time. That is, the two boxes (legend and filter) can be join in one, instead of two. Is this possible?

      Another alternative to solve my problem would be: when I click on the graph on one of the segments (consumer for example) and I select "keep only", that will stay the whole segment, and will not filter by date as well.


      Thanks in advance