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    Help with Calcs for Building a Line Chart


      Hi, I would like to build a (what I though would be ) simple line graph tracking a running sum of 'outstanding' items from a small sample data set. I have attached a dummy packaged workbook for ease.


      The data contains 'open timestamp', 'closed timestamp' (if its been closed) and a 'Global ID'. There can be multiple lines of data for each 'Global ID', so all counting needs to be COUNTD.

      i have already created a 'Number of Items' measure and an 'open or closed' Dimension.


      What I want is a simple line graph tracking a running sum of how many outstanding items there were on each day, as at that day. I do not know how to do the calcs for this and then track it onto a line graph as a running sum.


      I.e. yesterday there was 10 items, 7 were closed, 3 outstanding

      today there was 3 items, 2 were closed, 3+1 outstanding.


      Line graph to plot 3 then 4 then .... etc


      thanks for your help