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    Pick a date from filter and use that date to use as Last 'N' days through Parameter

    Durga Patsa

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement wherein user picks a date from 'Date' filter and from that date he would like to see an option to get the results from last 7,14,21,28, 60, 90 100 days from that date which was picked.


      Lets say, user selects 01-Jan-2017 from data filter. From this I need to provide a parameter which has last 7 , 14, 21...days before 01-Jan-2017. Basically he would like see sales amount on a selected day (01-Jan-2017) and also last 7/14/21..days average sales amount from 01-Jan-2017.


      Can we do this Tableau?


      Please advise