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    Targets with Data Blending

    Vinay Seeruthun

      Hi All,


      I know data blending should be avoided at all cost but it seems to be the only way I can think of solving my problem unless someone can help me?


      I have sales data that has the granularity down to days. However, my target data is set monthly.

      I've managed to create a data blend that kind of works, but I was wondering if anyone can help me sort out a few issues.

      Attached is the packages workbook.


      Firstly, Is there a way to display the target for the whole year. Data bending only seems to show data for the month's I have sales and excludes sales where there are no sales for that profit centre.

      I would like the targets to be displayed for the whole year, and the sales updated as and when they come in.


      Secondly, I need a summarized view, I.e. all three profit centres aggregated into a total, and the ability expand back out.



      Thanks in advance.