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    If condition comprising of integer and string

    Runelle Dsouza



      I have these dashboards to Inventory and Geo-Location, I would like to have the top inventory and top location be displayed as a title as shown in the attached sample workbook but I would like this to be dynamic as in depending upon the dealer or the month it should change.

      Meaning, whatever is the top most value on the table that should be displayed.


      I am really struggling with this, can someone please help me.


      I am attaching my sample workbook as well in this.


      Hope to hear back from you soon.




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          Mia Lee

          Hi, Runelle!


          Please find the attached workbook and the screenshot below for the possible solution to your problem.

          When I have to include strings or calculated result up in the title, i usually create a calculated field and a worksheet for the title. The title calculation I used was,


          IIF([Index]=1,attr([City]+', '+[Region]),null)


          Hope this helped. (you might have to upgrade your tableau version to open the workbook though.)






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            Runelle Dsouza

            Hi Mia,


            Thanks, but for some reason when I try the calculated field expression that you shared I get the value as ALL instead of the one you have shown.

            Is there any way that you can maybe share the tableau workbook of yours in a lower version, so that I can maybe view it, or could you send screenshots.


            the expression you shared for some reason does not work.