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    How to change color to specific text in Tableau?


      Hi Everybody,


      I'm still doing the project I mentioned a couple of days ago. Some problems have been solved with the help of some people here.

      Now I have another questions here. This time I attach my workbook here by reducing data.


      1. How to change some text like " 1-APAC:", "2-EMEA", "3-AMER" in black color as shown in red circle in the attached screenshots, the other text should be green color. I can format the whole

         text in green color by using Tableau formatting function, but I can't color specific text in Tableau view.


      2. I created three calculated fields(APAC, EMEA, AMER) for the alert note beside the stacked bars like " 1- APAC: Complete through 8/31/2017", etc. as shown in the screenshot.


         At present, I can only create three worksheets for each calculated fields, later they will be put in the dashboard one by one. I wonder if there is any other way that I can combine the three

         calculated fields together and create the alert note in one worksheet. I already tried measure names, sets, and groups, but none worked.




      Best Regards