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    Unable to Replicate Line Chart

    J M

      Okay, okay...I know I'm not supposed to post questions about getting Tableau to do what Excel does, but I have a peer who wants to publish data sources, automate reporting, and create a standard throughout our organization using Tableau, instead of everyone creating their own (non-standard) Excel views.  However, so far, I have been unsuccessful in mimicking his Excel Line Chart in Tableau from the way his data is structured and maintained.  This Line Chart is fairly easy to create in Excel, so I'm posting out here to see if I'm just missing something simple in Tableau or if the data truly needs to be structured differently to be read by Tableau.  See attachments below for 1) one of my many unsuccessful Tableau attempts and 2) a sample Excel file with the infamous line chart and data tab to be used.


      I appreciate the help!