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    LOD with COUNT and some conditions

    Elena Atzeni

      Hi everyone. I need an help to create a LOD that allows me to use the COUNTD formula with some conditions (IF formula).


      I need to monitoring a contest between a shop list.


      For each shop I have 2 clusters periods: “Start” and “Contest” .


      I need to calculate this relation between the 2 clusters:


      COUNTD (ID) / [COUNTD(ID)/3]


      I tried with these formula but they do not work:


      IF [cluster] = ‘Start’ THEN [id_Start] ELSE [id_Contest] END




      COUNTD(IF [Cluster] = ’Start’ THEN [id_Start] ELSE [id_Contest] END)




      id_Start:  COUNTD(ID)/3

      id_Contest: COUNTD(ID)


      Anybody could help me?


      Thank you!