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    Sum of Top 10 Sales & % of total

    Stephanie Grosse Kamphake

      Hi all,


      I have been researching on this topic and found several approaches how to realize that Tableau only sums the Sales of Top 10 products. However, for some reason, I manage to get it to work but if I then change the filter (e.g. to a different Product Group or Subbrand), it is not correct anymore. Therefore, I have prepared a small sample workbook and would like to reach out to you with the following questions:

      1. How can I make sure that Tableau sums the Sales of the Top 10 products displayed?

      2. How can I make sure that this stays valid, if you change the filters, i.e. Subbrand

      3. how can I calculate the Top 10 Sales as % of total sales for the week?


      Thanks so much for your help.