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    Map using Multiple Data Sources

    Julia Cobb



      I am trying to Make 1 map that will contain points from 2 data sources, basically I have a listing of flight tickets purchased and a listing of Hotel stays.

      The flight tickets are being mapped by the airport code and the hotels are being mapped by precise long/lat. The 2 data sources have no fields in common.


      Basically I would like to overlay these 2 maps onto each other so that I can see if frequently used airports have hotel activity to support it and vice versa.

      I have tried doing the dual axis, but because there is no union it is not allowing me to. I have also tried to union based on a generic field (every row is just 1), but when I drop the second (non-generated) latitude/longitude in the option for map disappears and it turns into a standard chart with 2 axes.