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    Dividing Map with a grid and showing visualizations for each tile of the grid

    Gal Bezalel



      As part of some project I'm working on I tried to do the following:

      1. I have a data source in the form of XLSX file, which includes events (with X/Y coordinates and a timestamp) spreading a vast geographical area (which I have a map for) of 24 sq.miles, (4x6), over a period of 3 days. each event has also other parameters (let's say an integer between 1-100 and a letter between A-F).
      2. I want to divide the map into arbitrary tiles of, let's say, 2 squared miles\km's. I should get a grid of tiles, consisting of 6 tiles (2 by 3).
      3. I would like to page the data set with an interval of 6 hours.
      4. In each page, I would like to see over the map, in each of the 6 different 2x2 tiles, the same visualization: a bar chart showing the distribution (by counting the events) of one of the other parameters (1-100 or A-F).


      I couldn't find anything the resembles this kind of visualization in the community, and got stuck on steps 3 and 4:

      It seems like I cannot customize the intervals to an arbitrary amount of X hours/minutes/days/etc, and X always is predefined to 1.

      Also, I couldn't find any method to split the map into such grid (thought it would be under Analyze).


      I am using Tableau Public 10.3.1.


      Does anyone have any Idea?