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    Calculated fields as additional columns on a table (after grand total column)

    Maddy Pena

      Hello experts! I'm aware that we should not force Tableau to work as excel, but there is a specific view that we need to present.

      Here's the case:


      We have a report that shows the aging of different documents, with certain value each. Besides total, we need to calculate the overdue of documents that are really old. but I just need the sum of three groups (from the 4 available) and add it as another column. Something like this:

      I could achieve this in Tableau but as an attribute at first. I didn't use grand total because it uses all dimension values to do the calculation. But the problem is when I want to do calculations with this.


      Also, the total is used to calculate a percentage for documents less than 1 month, the overdue for that, and then it calculates the same values for the rest of the aging groups, but taking the value of the amount of the  first group. So I don't know how to isolate a value to use it on another level or view.

      It's some sort of back and fort what i'm unable to reproduce. At least on different sheets. I could reproduce the percentages of the first group, but I was out of luck with the others. Can someone have an idea of how to present this?


      I could also modified the source if necesary.