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    Hide Navigator From Story

    Christopher Unger

      I know this question has been asked and I've seen where an idea was pitched, but the most relevant post I've found is two years old (see https://community.tableau.com/message/390955#390955).  I unfortunately need to distribute a PDF report that has 20+ dashboards that need to be split in to two separate categories, one for a weekly snapshot and the other for a monthly snapshot.  I know I could easily create two separate workbooks, but was hoping to leverage the Story function to allocate the weekly and monthly dashboards.  This would allow me to be a little more dynamic in which dashboards get allocated in the weekly/monthly views.


      I've created the Story, but the annoying thing now is when I try to print to PDF, as you know, the Story Navigator exports as well, which chews up a lot of the page real estate.  I've seen offered workarounds where users suggest whiting out the shading of the Navigator boxes, but that does nothing but produce this huge void in the PDF.  I'm currently on ver 9.2 and was wondering if this is available in newer versions or is this still on the user wish list?