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    SumIf other dimension values do not exist




      I have a data set containing a list of material numbers that fall into multiple buckets but always into a "GEN" one as well.  I am trying to find a way to sum the amount of materials that fall into the "GEN" bucket only and no others.


      For example:


      Material 1234 can be in bucket A, B, GEN, D

      Material 1111 falls into bucket GEN only


      The data set is composed of multiple lines with a Dimension differentiating the buckets.  How can I do a SUM of materials that fall into the "GEN" bucket ONLY and no others?   Where the Sum below would be 2 and not 4.


      Material     Bucket

      1234               A

      1234               B

      1234               GEN

      1234               D

      1111               GEN

      4444               A

      4444               GEN

      5555               GEN